Zodiac signs

Josie Baltazer, Co-Editor

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A horoscope is a map of zodiac signs, zodiac signs are believed to have been created in ancient Egypt. The names were created based on season and time, with the help of the knowledge of Babylonians (the creators of astrology). Depending on the time and season they used certain animals and personas to represent the zodiac sign.

Zodiac personalities

Aries | Ram | Mar 21-Apr 19| : Your ruling planet is mars, and your spirit color is red. Your independent and strong. You have a hard time concentrating but you like being educational. You can be impatient and sometimes hard headed, but your also a very passionate person.

Taurus | Bull | Apr 20- May 20 | : Your ruling planet is Venus and your spirit color is pink. Your smart, outgoing, and reliable. You like your life simple, and drama free. You tend to be calm but you’re not a big people pleaser. You can sometimes overlook things but it’s because you want to get straight to business.

Gemini | Twins | May 21-Jun 20 | : Your ruling planet is mercury and your spirit color is yellow. Your very passionate and you’re curiosity makes you eager to learn. You can be very sympathetic and very popular. You tend to be a tad bit narcissistic but you can adapt to any situation.

Cancer | Crab  | Jun 21-Jul 22 |: Your spirit color is violet and your ruling planet is the moon. Your sensitive and emotional. You’re not a fan of small talk and prefer small groups on the same page. Your creative, and loyal causing you to be very committed and intense. You’re very straight forward and like to get to the point.

Leo | Lion | Jul 23- Aug 22 |: Your ruling planet is the sun and your spirit color is gold. You want to be loved and admired by all. Being a natural born leader is what you are and you like to work hard for it. Your generous and you put yourself first, because of this people sometimes find you arrogant.

Virgo |Virgin | Aug 23-Sep 22 |: Your spirit color is silver and your ruling planet is Mercury. Your sympathetic yet logical at the same time. You get the job done and you like things neat and organized. You like to try new things and your not a fan of people who bring you down in the tadest bit.

Libra | Scales | Sep 23-Oct 22 |: Your spirit color is blue and your ruling planet is Venus. You’re peaceful and you understanding. When someone does bad you turn the other cheek. You don’t like being alone for long periods of time and you’re an extrovert, you feel the most energized around people.

Scorpio | Scorpion | Oct 23-Nov 21|: Your spirit color is black and your ruling planet is Pluto,Mars. You make a statement, you’re defensive and emotive, causing you to be very stubborn. You are passionate and get caught up in your emotions. You’re not afraid to say you’re opinion and you like people who are being genuinely themselves.

Sagittarius | Archer | Nov 22-Dec 21 |: Your ruling planet is jupiter and your spirit color is Light blue. You’re curious and not afraid of others opinions on you. You like to explore on your own, and you’re energetic.

Capricorn | Goat | Dec 23-Jan 19 |: Your spirit color is Dark blue and your ruling planet is Saturn. When you set your mind on something, you’ll achieve it. You have a hard time trusting others but you are humorous and fun. You can stress yourself up because of your need to be perfect.

Aquarius | Water bearer | Jan 20-Feb 18 |: Your spirit color is turquoise and your ruling planet is Uranus and  Saturn. You are curious and unpredictable. Aquarius can either be energetic and unrestrained or shy and quite. Either way you’re always a thinker, you look for both logical and emotional reasons; looking at both sides of arguments making you a problem solver.  

Pisces | Fish | Feb 19-Mar 20 |: Your ruling planet is Neptune and Jupiter and your spirit color is sea-green. You are imaginative, and open hearted. You are very empathetic and hangout a variety of people. You are a gentle person but you can be overly trusting.

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Zodiac signs