Student Spotlight Mckenna Wickers

By Rylee Bleakley, Co-Editor

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Mckenna Wickers in an eighth grader here at Wellington Landings. She is very involved in Debate and SGA, and community service activities. When asked how she juggles all of this, while keeping up with her schoolwork at the same time, she said that she basically just prioritizes what she needs to do. She likes to do her schoolwork “in large blocks” when she has time.


Part of her schoolwork involves her contributions to the Wellington Landings Student Government. There, she is in charge of all the planning and fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network. She is also currently working on organizing the Move-A-Thon for our school (tickets on sale now)! A non-organization position she holds on SGA is the spot of Treasurer. Mckenna is in charge of all the money that goes in and out of SGA and some of the paperwork involved.


Because she takes part in a variety of activities, she has a broad range of career fields she can easily go into. She says “..the leadership and speaking skills learned in SGA and Debate can be used in almost any job.” She says that, right now, she isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do, but is thinking about either an Aerospace Engineer or a CEO of a Philanthropic organization. Both are very difficult jobs, but because of her experience on leadership and organization, she feels she would be prepared to take on a job similar to those two fields.


She also says that her motivation to do the service and extracurriculars she does is what keeps her going. “The feeling you get when you do community service is such an amazing feeling. You truly feel like you are making such an impact on the world, and the connections you make are unforgettable.”

Mckenna Wickers is an unforgettable student, as the impacts she has made on this school and the people within it are tremendous. So thank you, Mckenna, for all your hard work and contributions!


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Student Spotlight Mckenna Wickers