Student Spotlight Zavier Hatfield

By Daniel Ruchti, Editor

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Zavier Hatfield is a 12- year old 7th- grade student here at Wellington Landings Middle School who has many traits that make him a great character. Zavier has participated in different activities such as participating in the sports teams for Wellington Landings. Currently, he is a great baseball player. A lot of the time when doing work, Zavier is the person who goes out of their way to help others. When it comes to any subject that he feels confident with and he can see that someone is clearly struggling, he goes right over to help. Kids can be a little embarrassed to ask a teacher for help, but Zavier tries to help any student in the best way possible. Any time he tries to do something, he has to add a little humor to it.

Many people respect him as a great friend. Zavier tries his best in any activity to be at the top of his game. And a lot of the time it is in school, but other times he always tries his best in baseball. Even if frustration are high, he doesn’t give up, in fact, he tries even harder. Positive characteristics are filled inside Zavier and his overall personality brings positivity to others. 

It’s not his personality that just makes Zavier a good character, but he is able to hold up with his school work, and he is able to keep up with his sports. He is athletic, smart, and helpful. He is also not only helpful in school, but he is helpful in the sport he plays which is baseball.

As you can see, Zavier has many good traits about him. Zavier is humble, funny, caring, and also helpful. If y0u are looking for a good friend to hang out with, you need to meet Zavier Hatfield!


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Student Spotlight Zavier Hatfield