Big Trips coming up!!

Erik Shamdasani, Editor

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This year we have some big trips coming up Like 6th grade they are going to Epcot and 7th grade is to the Magic Kingdom last but not least 8th grade is going to Universal. We have a lot of trips coming up soon 6th grade goes to Epcot on January 2th there tickets go on sale soon 7th grade goes to the Magic Kingdom on February 2nd lastly 8th grade goes to Universal and Islands of Adventure is on May 3rd.7th and 8th grade do not have a date of when their tickets go on sale but more information will be given out soon!


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  1. Emily F. on December 17th, 2018 1:18 pm

    Could you try working on grammar and punctuation a bit more? I really liked the article, but I found that it was lacking a lot of grammar and punctuation.

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Big Trips coming up!!