New Beginnings for Mark-Antony Richards

Stephanie Funk

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Mark-Antony Richards is a senior at Wellington High School and alumni of Wellington Landings. He is most known as Wellington High’s star running back.  Richards is ranked 99th in national and 15th in the state. For several years he has been heavily recruited by Division 1 colleges. His top five choices what college he would like to play football for were Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Miami(FL), and Penn State. Even though he could pursue a career in football he knows that he has to focus on his academics because of what happened to his brother. His brother, Ahmmon Richards attends UM but unfortunately was injured so he is no longer able to play football.  Mark-Antony has learned from this and he knows that football might not last forever. Many schools have their eye on Mark-Antony. In fact, on January 29, 2019, the head coach for UF came in a helicopter during their practice and offered Richards a full scholarship to play for them.


    Richards has been playing football for eight years, all taking place in Wellington his hometown. On February 6, 2019, he committed to Auburn University.  According to Richards, he chose Auburn because of “the peaceful area and that there are things to do but not too much because that sometimes isn’t good and it can be distracting.  Also, the coaches and players really made me feel at home just like in Wellington.” Not only did Auburn want him for his football skills but he met the academic requirements and maintained at least a 3.0 GPA and scored high on the SAT.  


He thought about how cool it was to see all the kids he grew up with and sign to other colleges and have all of their dreams come true right before their eyes.  He decided to stay at Wellington High instead of transferring because of what his dad told him and his brother, “growing up I was always taught things weren’t always easy but if you are good enough for college they will find you.” One of his biggest accomplishments was “signing the letter to go to college, it really means a lot, it’s a great feeling and really shows how  hard work paid off.” Mark’s greatest challenge was, “what happened to my brother in the fall. It hurt both of us a lot, and it just motivates me to keep playing for him knowing that he can’t.” Now Richards is an Auburn Tiger for four more years and will continue to play his heart out.


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New Beginnings for Mark-Antony Richards