Best Art and Entertainment Schools in the Country

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Best Art and Entertainment Schools in the Country

Yelaine Aguilar, Arts and Entertainment Writer

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Perhaps you want to be a top-notch entertainer when you grow up. Or an artist. But whatever the area you want to study, an important part of your life is going to be the high school you go to. Here are the top art and entertainment schools locally and in the country, and a bit on them.


1. Design and Architecture High School

(Miami, FL)

The Design and Architecture Senior High School, located In Miami Florida is a great and highly ranked art-centered high school. It has been placed #25 in national rankings and a 100 percent graduation rate. Elective classes include Creative Photography, Three Dimensional Design Honors, Fashion Design, and Visual Technology.


2. Stanton College Preparatory

(Jacksonville, FL)

Stanton Preparatory is located in Jacksonville, Florida and offers a multitude of arts, entertainment, and core classes. Students tested far above the state average in all core subjects. Stanton College Preparatory one of the best magnet schools in Florida. There is a variety of art and entertainment electives, such as TV Production, Digital Art Imaging, and International Baccalaureate Visual Arts.


3. Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)

(Austin, TX)

Liberal Arts and Science Academy, or LASA High School, is located in Austin, Texas. It is ranked very highly for the best public high schools in America. In LASA, 100% of students graduate and 99% are proficient in math and reading. Arts and entertainment classes include Technical Theatre, various music courses, and AP Studio Art.


 4. Savannah Arts Academy

(Savannah, GA)

Savannah Arts Academy is a highly-rated school in Savannah, Georgia. It is ranked second for Best Magnet High Schools in Georgia. Graphics, Technical Design and Production, Sculpture, and Textiles are some of the art electives offered.


 5. A.W. Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts

(West Palm Beach, FL)

A.W. Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts is located close by in West Palm Beach. Students apply through auditions and then are filtered through a lottery. Dreyfoos’ curriculum offers all areas of the arts and is ranked eighth for best public high schools in Florida. AICE classes are offered.