Most Dangerous Sports Played in America

Dylan Artlip, Editor

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The most dangerous sport has been a controversial topic where many people bring in opinion but opinions are just opinions. The top 6 most dangerous sports due to injuries in America are sports that may surprise you a little (no specific order).

#1 Cheerleading, according to research cheerleading is very dangerous because in competitive cheerleading many people have to push the limits and not everyone is caught causing many girls to fall.

#2 Gymnastics, gymnastics is a sport where you have to do flips and try to get a perfect 10. With trying to get a perfect 10 and win you can fall or not land and sometimes if you do land you can hurt your ankle in the process.

#3 Football and Rugby, with no surprise football, is on the list due to the vast injuries you get from being tackled or having to throw a ball. Rugby is similar to football that is why it was on the list.

#4 Basketball, due to a large amount of running in basketball and the vast amount of fouls that happen per game it comes to nobody’s surprise that basketball is on the list.

#5 Soccer, many people believe that soccer should be on the top of the list due to the vast amount of kicking and slide tackling. I myself got an injury from playing soccer leaving me injured for 3 months

#6 Cycling, cycling is a sport that many take seriously and others don’t that still doesn’t mean people can’t get injured people can’t be perfect and never fall off their bike. Nobody didn’t fall off their bike when they started going without training wheels.

The number of injuries per year

Cheerleading- to this day over 30,000 people get injured

Gymnastics- over 1,000 gymnasts get injured each year

Football- over 25 million people get injured every year

Rugby- under 1,000 people get injured every year.

Basketball- over 1.6 million people are injured each year  

Soccer-  over 7.1 million people are injured each year

Cycling-  about 15,000 injuries each year.