Did your Last Purchase of an Apple Product Draw the line?

Daniel Ruchti, Opinion Editor

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You may not realize it, but if you are a fan of apple, you are spending nearly $1,000 a year by spending it on the new phones. Apple’s products are known to be fairly good products, but they can also be notorious. They may be good, but they are very well known for being pricey! Their most recent phone can go up to $1,300! For a phone? Who knows how reliable it is? Apple’s phones are the most iconic thing you can buy there, but they have many more products.

One very popular product is Apple’s Airpods. I’m sure pretty much everybody knows what Airpods are, but just in case you didn’t, there just earphones without wires. And guess what? They’re $150-$200! Realistically, you’re just paying $180 more to take wires off. Some people say they’re the best things in the world, but in my opinion, they really don’t make a huge difference. If the wires get tangled, just untangle them! Not only do Airpods really make a difference, but they are easy to lose. If you have two little and small pieces, it is likely for you to lose them. Yes, you can put it in a case, but that does not mean people don’t forget.

Clearly, Apple products’ prices need to be drawn down. People are spending thousands of dollars each year for something that may not be reliable to have that kind of price tag. Many people may not mind the prices. And that is their choice of how they spend their money. Don’t forget though that Android and Samsung can be just as good as Apple, and possibly even better.