How Concerned Should You Be About Climate Change?

Angelina Pribyl, Opinion Writer

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We all know about the problems with climate change and global warming in our world. It seems like everywhere you turn, there are people and scientists discussing and arguing about this well-known topic. They say that if global warming continues, then it will have immense consequences for mankind and every other living thing on this earth. But when will those consequences come? How do we know that our personal actions are actually affecting the environment, and how much should we be concerned about the future of Earth?


Initially, we need to care about climate change because the consequences are coming soon. The Environmental Defense Fund says that “Coral reefs are dying. Forests are crumbling. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, are losing the sea ice they call home.” Now it’s not just other species that are being affected by climate change, seeing as it threatens many of the things we depend on to survive. Climate change also jeopardizes our health, water supply, agriculture, infrastructure, and more. We are all at risk of being affected by our changing climate, but this does not have to be the end.


When talking about climate change, we need to realize that there are ways we can help prevent the dire situation from becoming worse. For starters, there is the most obvious one; use renewable energy. It is no secret that fossil fuels harm the environment and speed up climate change, so why do we continue to use them? If we all make an effort to use renewable energy resources, the climate will be better off. Another thing we can do is use our energy wisely. Of course, turn off the lights and water when you don’t need them. You can also ride a bike or walk when you can, instead of putting all of that pollution into the air. There is a multitude of things that you can do to change the threat of climate change on our planet.


You may be thinking, none of these consequences are happening now, and scientists keep saying that we are going to feel the effect of our actions, but when? If we are not being affected now, why should we care? Well, maybe humans are still successful in surviving in our changing climate, but many other animals and plants have to live with the mistakes we have made. Additionally, think of future generations who may have to live in a dying world all because we didn’t care enough to change it. In conclusion, global warming and climate change are really important problems that we should consider in our daily lives. Try to make changes in your life that can benefit the planet and everything that lives on it, including us. It may even be a small change for you, but for the future of our Earth, it can change everything.