The Stages of Summer

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The Stages of Summer

Sophie Strickler, Features Writer

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During summer, mostly all students feel a range of emotions. Happiness, business, boredom, denial, preparations, and school.

Happiness is the time where students have no stress and school is out of mind. It’s time to relax and enjoy the time off.

Activation is where everybody makes plans to hang out and summer is in full swing. Lots of people may have vacations or go on day trips to the pool or beach.

Boredom is the next stage. Students begin to get bored with the lack of activity now that they have had their break. A lot of people miss their school friends that they haven’t had a chance to see over summer. Then, the ads start to play for discounts on school supplies and back to school sales. Students try to ignore this and deny the fact that school is really going to start in a month.

Denial lasts for about three weeks, then it starts to sink in that summer is coming to a close.

Then there is the excitement of preparations. Back to school shopping and buying new clothes. The feeling begins to settle in that school is about to start again.

Back to school is the last stage, when school is back in session.