The beauty community is toxic

Brianna Marturano, Opinion writer

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As many people know, there has been a lot of drama in the beauty community lately, most exclusively with James Charles, Tati Westbrook, and Jeffree Star. Last week, James Charles got himself into a sister scandal after Tati released her “Bye Sisters” video. James lost more than 3 million subscribers, and Tati gained more than 5 million. People were quick to take to social media to “cancel” him, and many other celebrities called him out along with Tati. James almost immediately made an apology video to Tati, but people did not except it and called him out on faking the apology. Fast forward 5 days. James uno reverses his way out of this scandal by making his “No more lies video” including his receipts in the video to show he was telling the truth. People immediately un-canceled him and called out Tati and Jeffree- (who threatened to expose him, called him a “danger to society” and much more.)


Now here’s where I disagree greatly. How can you cancel, but then un-cancel someone in a matter of a week? It just doesn’t make sense. Destroying your palettes, and throwing away your merch because of one video about someone that you don’t even know is true. That’s just dumb. The cancel culture is just toxic and problematic because nobody is ever going to know the full story, and there are always going to be lies made up so certain people look better. Personally, I don’t agree with anyone in this situation, because they all seem toxic in some way or another. It seems like Tati was just upset that James was promoting someone else vitamins and hers weren’t selling as well as she hopped. But the people canceling, and uncanceling, and dragging down the people involved in this are the most toxic of all. Overall, I think im just going to unsubscribe from all of them and subscribe to Jenna Marbles and Bretman.