Vacation During School or On School Breaks?

Angelina Pribyl, Opinion Editor

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With summer break and the end of school coming up, no doubt many people are planning on going on vacation. Many families wait most of the year before going on a trip in the summer so as to not interrupt the school year of learning. But is the summer really the best time to go on vacation, or is it just for convenience?


To start off, the importance of learning at school is probably the biggest factor to include. When you miss school, the consequences can be tough. Trust me, it is not worth it to miss a lot of day of school. You have to make up all of the work that you missed on top of your current work when you get back. You have so much stress and pressure to basically learn the things that you missed on your own. And then you don’t really understand the material so you get poor grades on later tests. It is just so much trouble to miss school. I know that everyone probably wants to skip school and sees it as a good thing, but when you think of the consequences, you see that it is not all good. Additionally, you do not only put more stress on yourself but also on your teachers who have to put in extra time to make sure you know the material. Some may find it difficult to go on vacation during the school year and take off a couple of days. So many families try not to go away a lot during school. Now, I know that the decision to go on vacation is not really the kid’s choice, and sometimes you have to go along with whatever your parents tell you. And sometimes teachers forget that. Teachers may get annoyed when you tell them that you will be out for a couple of days, and that is understandable because, yes, it is an inconvenience for them. But it was not necessarily the child’s fault that they will not be there. These are just some reasons why it can be hard to go on vacation during school, and why so many families decide to go away during school breaks.


However, there are some ways that you can look at going on vacation during school in a positive light, and not just because you don’t have to go to school. School can be stressful and few people can get through the entire 8 months of it in one go. Seriously, who has never been absent at least one day? And this is understandable, sometimes you need a break and when you come back, you are refreshed and able to work better. Vacation can be that break for you. Now I’m not telling you to go on a 2 week long get-away and come back all fine stress free, because that is not what will happen. I’m saying that missing a couple of days will not kill you. I mean, who looks back on their life and says “Gee, missing that whole week of school in eighth grade really ruined my whole life!” Also, waiting until breaks from school is not in your best interest financially. It is common knowledge that vacations are more expensive during summer break and other holiday breaks because so many people are traveling. So going on vacation during school, when everyone else is at school is much cheaper for the family. Finally, most parents who are not teachers do not get the whole summer off. So they have to make time wherever they can to spend time with their family. This may not fall on breaks from school and results in kids missing school. But this is okay because all families need to make sure they spend time together and have fun. So there are some good reasons as to why going away during school is not all bad.


Ultimately, it is your family’s choice whether to go on vacation during school breaks or not. Or maybe even both! The important part is that you make sure you are doing your best to get a good education and still making sure to take breaks and have fun in life.