Summer Renovations!

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Summer Renovations!

Jake Ruffing and Breanna Bistrong, School News Writers

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It’s that time of year again! It’s summer! But, that also means new construction projects for the school. So, Breanna and I sat with Ms. Bennet and asked her a couple of questions. And we are here to share the answers with you.

The school is undergoing a major renovation this summer and might even cut into next summer. The school is going to look brand new next year! Ms. Bennet said she is doing this because we need to have many things renovated on the campus. Many years ago there was a recession and there was no money for repair and new furniture at schools. In 2016, taxpayers passed a referendum approving half of every penny earned in additional sales tax will be used to support schools renovations. We are getting many new things. And MANY people are excited, student and staff!

We are getting new fire alarms, student furniture, any classrooms that did not get new floors or paint will be done over the summer, new AC, HVAC, chillers, air handlers, new lighting in all instructional spaces on the main campus, painting the outside of the school, new gutters, new parking lot in the front, gym is being painted, new scoreboard for gym, all brand new lockers, new track (might be started in the fall), every class will have a flat panel large screen computer (Smartboard), main office is being redone, drama room is being redone, updates to electrical wiring (Wifi), updates to counters in the main office, the main office will look like student services.

The construction will span through next year costing a whopping 14.5 million dollars. Now, all the things that are being done today will span in too late 2020 Ms. Bennet says.

You might be wondering who is in charge of the construction? Well, Breanna and I wondered too. There is a faculty member named Mr. Jones who works for the district. He meets with Ms. Bennet 1-3 times a week with other construction or architectural companies.

All of the old furniture will be packed up and either be recycled or going to another school. This brings me to something a little funny, Ms. Bennet said that Mr. Phil had to make this HUGE packet and it was filled with furniture in the school. It was probably about 200 pages thick. In order to get all of this information, he had to go around all the campus putting stickers on everything. Green sticker= stay, Yellow Sticker= another school, red sticker= recycled. Ms. Bennet says she feels bad for making Mr. Phil do this but she says it has to be done by someone! But, when she told me and Breanna this, I thought it was very funny.

So, this construction is going to be major and going into next year as well! We are getting all new furniture, paint, and even a new parking lot! So, I hope all of you are as excited as Breanna and I!