Teacher Spotlight: Mr.McKee!


Aaliyah Cadet, School, Writer


Mr.McKee is a regular and advance 6th-grade science teacher here at WLMS. He has been teaching for 12 years in total but this starting school year has made it his 4th year teaching here at WLMS.  His last name may sound familiar to some of you because his wife Mrs.McKee works as a teacher too, at Wellington Elementary. Mr.McKee first majored in business but switched later to major in Elementary Education. Fortunately, Mr.McKee came to WLMS because he heard many great things about our once again A-graded school such as the well-organized administration and the nice and great teachers here. Another reason why is because he thinks to work as a middle or high school teacher is easier since they can work in only one subject, unlike elementary school teachers who work in all subjects, which means more work for them which he doesn’t want.  Mr.McKee is a fun person and uses that trait to make learning science fun and easy as possible for his students. He also loves to get to know his students and is very thoughtful or considerate of them. He realizes that they are or could be dealing with a lot because of home or school so he’s there to help them! Thanks, Mr.McKee for being such an awesome teacher and a SUPER STARR here at WLMS!