Limited Edition Drinks

Sophie Strickler, Features Editor

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We all know the name brands Coca-Cola and Sprite, and their original flavors, but both brands have been hinting at making holiday-themed drinks as a limited edition. Sprite is going to release a cranberry flavor to go with the fall season, and it is said to be similar to the previous Winter Spiced Cranberry. That flavor was popular for a few years ago, and the public is excited to see Sprite making another sister edition. Coca-Cola is gearing towards a festive cinnamon flavor. Everyone is ready to test out the new beverage, and it is said to be coming out right before the winter season. Coke is releasing the cinnamon edition on September 30-December 31. Sprite’s Winter Spiced Cranberry does not yet have a known release date. However, what’s just as good as new holiday drinks? Krispy Kreme’s Reese’s filled doughnuts. This pairs off perfectly with either Cinnamon Coke or Winter Spiced Sprite. M&M’s Hot Chocolate classic is also going to be hitting the markets soon. These treats will get anybody in the mood for the holidays!