Importance of Start with Hello

Jada Sands, News Editor

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Start with Hello is a program with a goal to make students feel included and cared for. This week we will be talking about and doing activities to influence students to make new friends and talk to secluded people. This, in this generation, will decrease depression and suicidal thoughts. It will increase the amount of admiration and people caring for each other in this world. In a world of anxious and depressed people, at least the generation carving the way of the new world will be bright and happy. This program is very important and influential to our schools to decrease the amount of misbehavior and fights in schools. Don’t disregard this week, it is very important and many teachers and students spend a lot of time planning this.  Many students think this week isn’t important but once you think about the effort to promote happy behavior and thoughts, it really is a good week and event for schools.