The Meaning of the Quote “Choose to be Kind”

Eleanor Myers, Writer

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I’m certain that just about everyone on this planet has heard the phrase, “choose to be kind.” But does everyone really know what it means? Well don’t fret if you don’t know what it means, but it’s very important that you do if it’s going to be said just about everywhere. 

“Choose to be kind”, implies that if you have any choice to make, make one that is kind. Now this “kind choice” can range from several different things, but no matter what these choices always result in kindness. There are several kind choices you can make daily, for example, let’s say you see a classmate sitting alone at lunch, they seem timid and look sad, by sitting next to them and talking to them, you are being kind and considerate. 

Start with Hello week at Wellington Landings is encouraging this practice and every student will benefit from it. Performing any act of kindness towards others is the best thing you can do and it can help others, even just saying hello to someone as you pass by them in the hall is a kind gesture.  Make sure that during the Start with Hello week you are being kind to others always, and everyone at Landings encourages you to continue this practice even after this week, but no matter what, remember that when making any choice you make should be one with a kind impact.