Saying, “Hello,” Can Make a Difference

Soha Khan, Feature, Writer

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This year Wellington Landings is participating in Start With Hello; an event in which we encourage kindness. Many people can feel left out of groups and no one will even notice. Start With Hello isn’t only a chance to meet new people, but also a time where we can make people feel included. School can be a fun time if you have people you can relate to, but for some people, it can be hard to talk to others and make new friends. People can feel left out, and others wouldn’t even notice, but including someone can give you the chance to make a new friend.  

Getting to know new people won’t only make your middle school years more enjoyable, but you will also be able to help people who you wouldn’t think needed help. If you have ever been left out of something as basic as a game or group chat, you may have felt sad, or angry. People who are left out all the time are mostly always feeling this way and can sometimes get angry at other people and themselves. Start With, “Hello” explains how important it is to be kind to people and make people feel good, and that being a good person can lead to a better, safer environment for ourselves and the future It is important to make sure that people feel like they belong. It takes all of us to make a difference, and just a simple, “Hello,” can make any person feel included.