“We all have something in common…”

Braydon Humphreys, Writer

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     We’ve all heard our parents and teachers say it: “It’s good to be unique” and “Don’t try to fit in”. But the truth is, we all have things in common. Everyone needs to know that even though we should find things that make us different, at heart, we all have similar qualities. For instance, we are all human. As of now, we all go to WLMS. Everyone wishes that we didn’t have school, even though we know that we need it. The point is, we have defining traits, but sometimes, it is better to embrace our similarities than our differences. The people who are good at sports should hang out with the less-athletic people and learn about what they enjoy. Sometimes, we just need to realize that we all have something in common and that nothing will make a difference in some of those things.