Start With Hello: The News on Other Schools

Abigail Goodman, Feature Writer

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Schools all around the nation are doing activities for ‘start with hello’ week. It’s not just in Florida schools are doing activities for it. Here are just a few of the activities that schools around the United States are doing in honor of ‘start with hello’ week. 

In Nutley Public Schools, in New Jersey, they are going to have a speaker come to their elementary schools from the Sandy Hook Promise. That will kick off their “Week of Respect”. At Apple Valley Middle School, in North Carolina, students will “Mix it Up” at lunch on Friday and sit at color-coded lunch tables matching the color of their shirt that day. Even in Orlando at schools like Corner Lake Middle School and Olympia High School, students wrote positive notes on poster boards.  All the way in California at Paso Robles School, students and staff were outside greeting students with good morning messages. 

So even though it might seem that our school or Florida are the only ones doing ‘start with hello’ week, schools all around the nation are participating. From elementary schools to high schools, a lot of schools are trying to make a change in every student’s life.