The Origin of VSCO Girls

Jada Sands, Features Editer

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Being “VSCO” is the new trend in 2019. Many people say “and I oop” or “sksksksk”, but they don’t know where these VSCO girls really came from. 

VSCO is an app that many famous Snapchat or Instagram girls use to edit their photos. After a while of using this app, many people came up with the VSCO stereotype.

VSCO girls, in this stereotype, wear booty-shorts or ripped jeans, oversized tee-shirts, Vans or Birkenstocks, Fjallraven backpacks, and have Hydroflasks. This stereotype is seen in many young people and in school settings. 

These VSCO girls have also been sighted saying the classic “and I oop” and “sksksk” from popular memes. 

Although many think VSCO’s are a new 2019 trend, many people have been wearing crocs and using metal straws and reusable water bottles to save the turtles for years. Many of these old trends are dying and many people are seeing less of these wild VSCO’s around.