Florida Wanted to Stop Changing the Clocks…Why did We do it on Sunday?

Soha Khan

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A while ago, Florida voted to stop resetting the clock for the end of daylight savings. People believe that it is a waste of time to change the clocks and it makes no sense to continue to do it. So why did we have to change our time on Sunday? Right now, the only places that are not resetting their times are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Many states have already passed to the act to stop the change of the time, but some are waiting for other states nearby to pass it too.

Even though some other states have not yet made a move to pass a bill, Florida did. So why did we add an hour on the weekend? In 2018, Florida voters voted to allow our state to remain in one daylight savings time throughout the whole year. Even though the bill was passed, it is only effective if Congress improves the U.S code to allow it. So what happened or didn’t happened to the bill? According to Bruce K. Chapman, the bill never even made it to the floor in either the House of Representatives or the Senate because they were so focused on Trump’s Impeachment.

Although it means more sleep for us, many hope that this November is the last time we will be adjusting our clocks to end daylight savings time.