What is Special Olympics?

Aaliyah Cadet, School Writer

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Special Olympics is a global movement for all people regardless of ability or disability, it’s also the worlds’ largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual and physical abilities. This is great for kids and adults or for anyone in the world who wants to feel included and to volunteer. Special Olympics provides year-round training and competitions to millions of athletes in 172 countries! 

Special Olympics also helps with social and coping skills for those who struggle with socializing with others. For their competitions, they have everyone in teams and they strive for social change and participation. They have unified sports meaning that it allows people with and without intellectual abilities to play in the same fields so that they all feel included and so that they don’t feel lower in status. Special Olympics teammates benefit in gaining quality sport experiences due to the rules outlined in Sports Rules Article 1. This premise for all Special Olympics sports is strengthened from partnerships with International Sports Federations, social inclusion opportunities through Unified Schools, as well as opportunities to develop basic skills at young ages through Young Athletes.