Horseback riding is a sport, got that?

Elana Clark, Writer

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Here you are sitting on the back of a horse. The owner walks you around and maybe lets you trot. Have you ridden a horse yet? Well, yes you have, and it was easy, nothing much of a sport, right? Correct, simply just riding a horse is not a sport, but there are sports that include horseback riding. As with any discipline, anyone can learn to ride, but just like any sport, riding requires talent to exceed in high-level competitions. 

When you think about it, it takes riders longer to learn the art of their sport and to be ready for competition than it does for most other athletes. You can learn to play some of the more popular sports fairly quickly and be ready for a lower-level game in a matter of months, while riders train for years before they’re ready to compete. Riders take the same risks as other sports do. Football players risk concussions, broken bones and more, so do riders. Think about this, the average height of a horse is 16 hands (about 5 feet). Now imagine falling down from there, or being thrown to the ground, maybe you got thrown into a fence or a jump. Now imagine a 5-foot animal that weighs 900-1,100 pounds coming over and stepping on you, and now put both of those together, you just fell 5 feet just to be stepped on by a 1,000-pound animal.  Many people argue that the rider is just sitting there, well if they were just sitting there, the horse would not move, it wouldn’t know where to go, or when to turn. Professional riders can become incredibly strong. Riding requires core upper body and leg strength that most people don’t have naturally, they need it to get the horse to move, to stay on the horse, and more. Now to finish this up, take every bit of information here and connect it to the definition of sport; an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. To me, that matches up pretty well. All-in-all, horseback riding is a sport, got that?