Is Voice Chat Safe for Kids?

Jake Ruffing, Opinion Writer

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Many children are using voice chat more and more in online video games. Many platforms allow gamers to talk to each other. The most common platforms that are using voice chat mechanics are Discord, Team Speak, and Skype. But the question still remains, is voice chat really that safe? As someone who uses Discord themselves, I believe it is safe to chat with strangers.


Discord claims that voice chat is very secure and the only way for strangers to get your identity, address, etc is if the person speaking gives it to the stranger themselves. Discord states,

“You can control every aspect of Discord. You can choose to not see NSFW images and to not get direct messages from people not on your friends list it ultimately falls on the user.” This means that the user CHOOSES to give their details away. It just depends on if you are smart enough not to.


Some people try to grab your I.P. (internet protocol can see your WiFi connection and where you live if hackers get it) by DMing you and making you click on a link. Examples that hackers try to use is as follows, “Click this link for free money!”, “CLIcK tHiS lInK fOR RoBuX.” Of course, these hackers target little kids and try to scare them.

An example of this is someone saying, “Click this link or a demon will come into your room at night and kill you.” But a demon really doesn’t come into your room and you now have a virus on your computer. This has happened to me personally a couple of weeks ago actually. Let me set the mood. It is October 16th, I just got out of the shower and I finished all of my homework so I go get on my computer.

I log onto Discord and I have a DM from someone I didn’t know (I usually disregard these DMs, I just open them and leave them be.) I open up the DM as usual and I start reading it. It was this story about how a girl got ran over and now she is possessed and if you don’t send this to 10 people in 2 days she will come and kill you, all of that mumbo jumbo. I, of course, did not fall for this. But a little kid would, and that thread will keep going on and on and on. Until someone doesn’t send it to someone and it just stops.


I interviewed a few of my online friends on the matter. This is what SpookyBing had to say, “I believe that voice chat is safe if kids know what they are doing, if not, it is completely unsafe.” RevoltOrDie states that “I believe it isn’t safe for kids under the age of 10, they might give away valuable info.” As you can see they believe Discord or voice chat is safe if you follow certain rules. I feel this way also. 


Therefore, voice chat is safe for kiddies over the age of 10 years old.