What is Cricket? (No, Not the Insect)

Braydon Humphreys, Writer

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Cricket is a game played by 2 teams, each with 11 players, it is played on a twenty-meter pitch (70 feet) with a wicket at each end. This sport is very popular in England, Australia, and Scotland. This is kind of like their version of baseball, in simpler terms. 

Basically, the way you play cricket is by hitting a ball with a wooden stick. Sound familiar? Cricket is quite similar to baseball, but there are some key differences. For instance, it is harder to get someone out. To get out, or dismissed, a bowler (kind of like a pitcher) must throw the ball hard enough to break your wicket, which is a tall wooden stick placed behind the batsmen. To do this, bowlers are allowed to get a running start of around 10 feet to get enough momentum and power to break the wicket. To keep from getting out, the batsman must hit the ball with his stick. If they manage to hit it, they must run from one end of the field to the other, and back to the start. Doing this will score them a run, which is a point and is what is scored for a team to win the game. However, fielders can attempt to stop the batsman from scoring a point. If they catch the ball and it doesn’t hit the ground, the batsman is out. If they don’t catch it, the batsman scores a run. The game continues until each team has batted 300 balls.