Why does America call Soccer, Soccer?

By Dylan Artlip

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Around the world, there is a widely played sport called soccer except it’s not called soccer everywhere. Most people in America are familiar with soccer but outside of America people have little knowledge of what soccer is. They wonder because most other countries call soccer something else completely different. 

In America, there is already a sport called football and many people think that’s why America doesn’t call soccer, football. The reason many people call the sport soccer is that soccer is an abbreviation of association football. The main reason why America calls soccer, soccer may be entirely Britain’s fault. Britain invented “soccer” which Britain only stopped using the phrase soccer 30 years ago. In the early 1800s in British universities decided to make their own rules and decided to categorize it with different organizations with different names. 

Out of the different variations rugby football, and association football became some of the sports played today. As association football and rugby spread around Atlantic Britain started to call association football just football and rugby football was shortened to rugger. As the year passed Britain still called association football either soccer or football and then America came across it and started to call it America. As soccer grew commonly said in America, Britain didn’t want to be related to America so they completely stopped saying soccer and started to just call it football.