One Post At a Time

One Post At a Time

Eleanor Myers, Writer

It was a Friday evening, a young man was sitting at home by himself, scrolling through Instagram and checking out his friend’s newest post. 


He sighed and read it, “Just fishing with the boys! Having a great time away from all distractions and just getting out and enjoying true nature.” It seemed like everyone EXCEPT his friend had a crippling addiction to the internet. 


He felt a slight pang of jealousy towards his friend for some reason. Yeah, he still used social media, but he wasn’t on it as much. He was still in touch with reality, his entire life didn’t revolve around it. 


As the young man just sat there, he felt slightly disappointed in himself. His friend was actually doing something productive and worth his time while he was just sitting at home consumed by technology. 


Continuing to think about how pathetic his weekend was, suddenly everything went black, nothing was able to be seen, his surroundings seemed like just an empty void. 


“Hello? Is anyone there? What’s happening? Have I lost my sight? Am I going crazy?” He asked, doubting there was anyone around him who would answer. 


As he panicked slightly, he finally got an answer, which he discreetly heard from not that far behind him. “Welcome to the internet, you lost control of yourself a long time ago, so I’ve stepped in.”