What If The World Had No Currency?

What If The World Had No Currency?

Braydon Humphreys, Editor

What if the world had no currency; how would things work? I mean, that would solve a lot of the world’s problems, right? 


Everybody would work for free–and by that I mean they would work to help their community. Nobody would need money, because everything would be free. While it sounds like communism, it isn’t. 


With communism, everybody gets a set amount of everything. With this system, you only take what you need. 


If the government keeps a strict profile of you, they can set boundaries so that you aren’t stealing. For example, the government knows that Karen has 4 people in her family, including herself. If she goes to the grocery store and only takes what her family needs, she is free to have it. 


To be honest though, this may not even be needed. Stealing is often caused by a lack and want of something, and if everyone has everything, stealing is unnecessary. 


This system would get rid of both poverty and world hunger. For a house, people would apply to get one, like a car. You would need to be at least 25 years old, and the size depends on the number of people in your family. 


Finally, to make sure that people actually work, the government would have a set amount of hours that you must work per year. 


If you are suddenly unable to work, you would notify the government with a recent doctor/hospital record. They would shorten your time by (x) amount of days until you are able to work again. To be honest, this society might be better than the one we live in today!