The Siblings of Wellington Landings

Soha Khan

Almost everyone has a sibling whether it is a younger brother or an older sister. A sibling bond is different than other relationships because two people who share an upbringing and their genes are extremely close. Many people do not know that there are siblings who attend Wellington Landings together, and would be surprised to realize how close some of them are.

    Having a sibling that you can cooperate with going to the same school is a benefit because you always have someone to connect to that is about the same age as you. An example of this is Madison (12) and Jimmy (13) Dobson. Although they admitted that one of them is favored, and how they sometimes fight, anyone could clearly see the bond they shared. They talked about how they both loved to play football, and how they always support and care for each other.

    In another interview, Camilla (11) and Sophia (14) Diconza said that they help each other out on school work and other activities. Camilla said that she relied on her sister, and was glad that she had her there to support her.

    While interviewing Anthony (13) and Victoria (12) Dean, they both explained that they did not argue much instead, they had the opposite relationship. Instead of arguing, they stood up for each other when they knew that they both needed it. They also helped each other out in school work and added how they enjoyed playing sports together.

While some siblings may enjoy talking to each other on a daily basis, some do not. An example of this is Serena (10) and Sophia (12) Amro-Gazze, who both attend WLMS. During an interview, they both broke into an argument. Although they were fighting, Sophia admitted that Serena would not have been able to survive on her own. They then decided to go off at each other again. Even though the relationship between the two siblings is tough, they both admitted that they would not want to be an only child and how they like being sisters.

When interviewing Aiza (12) and Taha (14) Khan, they explained a way that they both cooperated with each other without problems. Taha and Aiza had made a deal from the beginning that they would not bother each other as long as both siblings followed the policy. A pact like this may have helped strengthen the relationship between the two siblings.

    Overall, Wellington Landings is full of siblings who have both good and bad relationships. Siblings at WLMS already have an easy way to form a bond since they go to the same school, and will always be able to rely on each other in schoolwork, at home, and in the future.