Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Maglio

Sophie Strickler


Students know Mr. Maglio as the fun, witty, and cool teacher. Teachers know him as the cooking extrodinaire, musician, and math teacher.

But Mr. Maglio didn’t start out life wanting to be a middle school math teacher. Growing up in New York, Mr. Maglio was introduced to a lot of different job opportunities and activities. 

He originally wanted to be in the restaurant business and followed that dream for a little while. This passion for food started when he was a little boy, watching his mom cook in the kitchen. In 9th grade he started working at a restaurant, cleaning, mopping, and doing the dishes. As he grew up, he stayed in the cooking business and worked as a general manager in multiple restaurants.

However, the novelty of operating and managing different places eventually wore off after a few decades. Mr. Maglio had high expectations of the people he worked with, and one of his biggest pet peeves is people being late. Unfortunately, servers often show up to work late and are usually unreliable. So, Mr. Maglio decided to bid a farewell to the cooking industry and started his new career as a teacher.

He decided to go back to school at FAU, where he met Mr. Henry and even had some classes with him. After earning his degree Mr. Maglio began to teach 8th grade math at WLMS. 

Some of Mr. Maglio’s favorite activities are going to Walt Disney World, music, cooking, and sports. Overall, Mr. Maglio is one of the most interesting and fun people to spend time with.