Who Will Be Rookie Of The Year?

Who Will Be Rookie Of The Year?

By Vaeja Bent, Sports Writer

Rookie of the year this year is being debated between Temetrius Jamel Morant (known as Ja Morant) and Zion Lateef Williamson. 

Standing at 6’3” Morant, a 20-year-old PG who wears the number 12 for the Memphis Grizzlies is one of the candidates being considered for the Rookie of the Year Award. In the NBA 2019 draft, Morant was the second player overall to get drafted in the NBA (Round 1/Pick 2). 

Standing at 6’6” Williamson, a 19-year-old PF who sports the number 1 for the New Orleans Pelicans is the other candidate in consideration for the award. In the NBA 2019 draft, Williamson was the first player overall to get drafted (Round 1/Pick 1).

While both are amazing candidates, Williamson was at a great disadvantage. Back in October (2019) Williamson underwent knee surgery to restore his right meniscus. Zion came back from recovery on January 22nd, which would lead him to miss more than half the season. 

Because Zion has missed more than half of the season and hasn’t played nearly as many games as Ja, he has less comparable stats. Both players have put down numbers in games they’ve played. However, Zion has put down better numbers than Ja has.

  A contributing factor might be the fact that Zion has played fewer games than Ja. But in the end, it all comes down to the number of games played overall. This could either end in Ja winning (as most people are rooting/hoping for) or both players could be CO-ROY winners (which has happened twice in the past).

However, since the NBA season has been suspended, the question many have is: Will the Rookie of the Year still be awarded? If anything many are saying it has been awarded, and COVID-19 has won. Now, that the players are at home in quarantine the question remains in the air.

In the next season, Zion and Ja won’t be rookies anymore. Which leads everyone to believe that Ja will be named ROY as he has played more games. Will someone be named Rookie of the Year? Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, and COVID-19. Who do you think will be ROY, (if the award is given)?