Inventive ways to Stay Home


Natalia Ayala

As weird as it seems to stay home all day it can really do stuff to you and the way you think of some things. A lot of people are finding it hard to adjust to this new lifestyle but nevertheless everyone will have to eventually accept this as the new norm.

One way you can try and help yourself is dressing up as if you were going somewhere. Don’t just wear P.J’s every day. Doing this can help a lot of people feel like it’s just like any other day and nothing is going on.

Another way is staying in touch with loved ones. Since you can’t see them in person texting them and calling is the next best option. Making sure that you’re still socializing with people is extremely important as well because it reassures you that everyone you know and care about is ok.

Exercise is very important as well since you are staying inside all day. It doesn’t have to be anything that makes you exhausted or any intense workout. It could be playing with your dog or any pet at home or a few jumping jacks or laps around your house. Along with this if you already play any sports you could practice inside or outside in your backyard if possible.

Do some arts and crafts to keep your mind off of things. Try and pick up a new hobby such as painting, knitting, writing, or even read a good book.

Make sure you have a healthy mindset and stay positive during times like these. Remind yourself that you and your family need to do this to ensure everyone’s health. Make sure that instead of thinking negative thoughts you stay on the bright side of things.