Fun Sports to Play While Social Distancing

Fun Sports to Play While Social Distancing

By Isel Neira, Sports Writer


During these tough times, keeping yourself busy may seem impossible. However, there are many things, including sports, that you may find to cure your boredom. Some sports can be really fun and don’t require you to stop social distancing. Here are a few.

First, Trashketball is a fun alternative to playing basketball with your friends. All you need is a trash can and some makeshift paper balls. First, you will get an empty trash can and some old recyclable paper. Crunch the paper into a ball. Then, throw the paper balls as if you are on the court.

Another fun activity to play inside can be paper airplane races. Compete with a sibling or parent by making paper airplanes and racing them. This is sure to keep you busy while social distancing.

Lastly, stack cups is a really fun activity you could do inside. If you have any paper or plastic cups stack them up into pyramids and try to see how fast you can stack and unstack. This is an underrated activity that is really fun.