Importance Of Social Distancing

 Importance Of Social Distancing

 Ben Martin, News Editor


    As we all know COVID-19 shut down the world and now the shops, parks, and restaurants are opening up with a very important rule, social distancing.


    What Does Social Distancing Mean and Why Is It Happening


    Social distancing means to stay away from other people mostly 6ft apart is the best way to go. The reasoning for social distancing is that if someone has COVID-19 and going somewhere it would be hard to get it. Researchers state you have a 15% chance to get COVID-19 if you the social distance. Go around looking at the world most spreading stopped.  when we started social distancing.


     How Are We Doing With Social Distancing


     What is happening is that there is tape on the ground in the shape of a square and you wait in that square in till the next one is opening. Some other ways are one-way isles so you don’t bump into anyone and if you miss something you need you to have to go back through a maze type of thing. At cash registers, there is random stuff to make it that you are six feet away from the cashier.


     How Should I Maintain Social Distancing


    There are three ways that you should maintain the social distance. The first one is to stay at home as much as possible. Second, if you do leave the house try to estimate six feet. Third, places have stickers on the ground and you stand on them. If you go somewhere and they have no markers or anything to protect you and the other customers do it your self take a step back from other people.



     Now you know the importance of social distancing. Nobody knows when it would end so start knowing the rules of social distinction and what it means. All of these facts came from the CDC Covid-19 Website.