Does COVID-19 have positive effects?

Does COVID-19 have positive effects?

Alexa Anderson, News Writer



We all know that COVID-19 has put our world on pause. It has had many awful effects but with bad always comes good.


Since many huge businesses have shut down, there has been a big withdrawal with electricity and water bills due to nobody in the buildings. 


The air has become clearer in places like China, where they can see the Himalayan Mountains for the first time in decades. The sky has had a distant fog there for years, but it has been going down since businesses started shutting down.


Also, in Los Angeles, California they can see the Colorado Mountains and clear skies. Recently, due to forest fires and pollution, the sky has been cloudy most of the time. Now that is gone.


Not many people love staying inside, but you have to think of the good in the worst situations. Maybe the world just needed a break.