Spotlight on the Mayor


By Eleanor Myers

Mayor Anne Gerwig loves helping out her community and doing all that she can for it. She proves throughout all her projects that everything is for the benefit of the community. No matter what, she will dedicate her time into helping the community.

Our mayor grew up in Palm Beach County ever since she was 5 years old, so she’s quite familiar with it. Her friends and her family encouraged her to run for Village Council because they strongly believed in her and thought she was great and solving situations and making them better, which still shows today in her career. She was elected in 2010 for Council and ran again and was elected once more in 2014 and then resigned in 2016 and ran for mayor. She stated in her interview about her family supporting her decision to run for mayor that, “My middle child was super embarrassed, my youngest son told everyone to vote for his mom, my daughter was in college and she didn’t seem to care either way. My husband was super supportive and encouraged me to run for mayor.”

As the mayor, she isn’t exactly a politician. She said herself in the same interview responding to the question of what she would say to young people aspiring to be involved with politics, “I would try to talk you out of politics, I don’t really like politics. City government, we’re not really politicians, we just help the community.” She clearly proves that she cares more about a field in which she can help others, rather than expressing her political opinions.

Mayor Anne Gerwig will never stop showing her appreciation for the people of Palm Beach County. To exemplify this further, when asked her best moments of her job, she replied, “Every year we do this thing called to read for the record where we read for children and my favorite memory was walking into new horizons and a teacher was reading in spanish because the students learn in both english in spanish, the kids wanted to meet the mayor so the teacher introduced them to me and one little girl shouted out ‘and she’s a girl!’ and from then on, every time I think about differences, it really wasn’t her reaction about non-Hispanic females, it was that she could see herself in me.”