How Music Influences Creativity

How Music Influences Creativity

Vaeja Bent, A&E Writer

Over time music has become a key part of life. Many people spend hours of their day listening to music. Why do we listen to music though, and when we listen to music while working, does it say anything about it improving or even influencing our creative abilities?

To start off, why do we listen to music? Well, one of the most common reasons people listen to music is, it relieves stress. Another reason includes helping people get through things in their life. For example, many Heavy Metal songs are pretty dark and depressing. So people who may be going through a difficult time in their life listen to this genre to cope with their problems as they relate to the music.

Many people also listen to music while exercising. This is because, listening to music you like can push you to keep going or in some cases, if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, make you feel as if you are enjoying the task you’re performing.

Not to mention, music can help those who suffer from memory loss or chronic back pains.

I constructed a poll, asking whether people enjoyed listening to music while doing work. Approximately 64% answered yes. Meanwhile, about 36% don’t listen to music while doing work.

Well, why does such a large percentage of people listen to music while doing work? In ‘How Music Helps Us Be More Creative’, the writer Jill Suttie states that “music listening may be useful to promote creative thinking in inexpensive and efficient ways in various scientific, educational, and organizational settings when creative thinking is needed.”

Ultimately, music does in fact influence/inspire creativity. So depending on the type of music you like, the music you listen to whilst completing your work will affect you in different ways. So the next time you’re taking a math test or writing an essay, or creating a business. Play your favorite song, and see ideas start popping into your head.