How Long Will Online School Last?


Eleanor Myers, Editor

From March to now, most students have been stuck doing school virtually. The opinions on it differ for everyone, but recently there’s been an increase in people trying to bring students back to school physically. According to News4Jax, Florida governor, Ron Desantis, has been stating he wants to bring all Floridian students back in schools soon. However, it’s unclear whether this will actually happen.

While there’s a small fraction of students per school that are physically present, the majority are virtual. While attending school physically is ideal to adjust to normal life, with COVID-19 many worry that students won’t follow safety regulations. Even now, it’s been difficult for many schools to try and keep students healthy. 

We can’t exactly predict what will happen. Parents are given the option to choose whether or not to send their student to school, but it will take time to get every student back.