Does Social Media Damage Personal Relationships?


Braydon Humphreys, Editor

There is a lot of controversy surrounding social media. This is mainly due to the fact that social media hasn’t been around long enough for people to form unbiased opinions. 

Some people believe that being on social media will damage your in-person relationships with your family and friends. 

In actuality, this claim is false. 

Social media can open people up to new opinions and beliefs. 

Social media can also provide someone with a community who shares similar beliefs as themselves. 

To, Kathryn Moore, Ph.D., says “Social media allows people to connect in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and can often expand people’s social circles”.

You can introduce friends and family members to these new ideas, and they will potentially agree with them, strengthening the bond in your relationship.  

According to, “It (social media) lets them (families) bond over things they like. This will also spill over into real life. It helps keep family members close over shared interests, hobbies, and more.”