Can Technology Be Self-Harming?


Braxton Hyatt, Reporter

The internet. Everyone loves it, but can it be harmful to your health?


Staring at a screen all day can be harmful but there is a way to prevent that.


Technology is harmful. Staring at a screen all day can make you obese and if you don’t stay active this can be a problem. Technology is only bad if you don’t know how to handle it properly.


If you don’t get exercise and you sit on your bed and play video games, then it can be harmful. 


Technology can also change the way we think. Studies show, if you play video games that have to do with violence like killing then you tend to be more violent and angry.


Technology can also cause a headache. 


Clearly, technology can be harmful if you use it wrong, but if you manage what you do on it and how much time you spend on it then it is perfectly fine.