The Future of Coral Reefs with New Technology

The Future of Coral Reefs with New Technology

Lorelei Kelley, Writer

It is not new news that coral reefs have been impacted by climate change. “Scientists have predicted 90 percent of coral reefs will be in extinction by 2030.” according to The ASEAN Post Team. The world has been devastated with the esteemed future loss of coral reefs.

The future of our coral reefs seemed hapless, until Madeleine van Oppen had a groundbreaking idea. He predicted that there was a way for an algae to undo the damage done by global warming. The results were fascinating.

“…the cell density rose by 26%, the researchers report today in Science Advances. “Some of these [algae] can decrease coral thermal bleaching,” van Oppen says. “So that is very exciting.” Warren Cornwall states.

What this is stating here is that while more testing and possible distribution might need to be done there is a pathway now open to saving our beloved coral reefs.