How To Make Your Very Own Hand Sanitizer

How To Make Your Very Own Hand Sanitizer

Madison Dobson, Editor

Hand Sanitizer was one of the most needed objects for this Covid-19 pandemic. It was being sold out at almost any store you could think of. Luckily now, it is not that hard to get some, but it can be a little pricey for one small bottle. 


Making Hand Sanitizer is simple with only a few ingredients.  The ingredients you need are rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume) or isopropyl, aloe vera gel, and an essential oil. 


Some good essential oil to use are tea tree oil and lavender oil. Something good to use instead if not you are not interested is lemon juice. It kills germs and is a good smelling scent! 


Bottles are more recommended  to use when needing a place to put ur mixture. Spray and squirt bottles both work great and will make it easier to apply your hand sanitizer to your hands.