What Will Happen to the Palm Beach Kennel Club?


Alexa Anderson, News Reporter

After years of fighting to end the brutal sports of greyhound racing, more than 40 states have officially made it illegal.

The Palm Beach Kennel Club is a very famous dog racing place right in Palm Beach County! This club was forced to end its racing in December 2020 due to the law passed in 2018 that ended greyhound racing in Florida. 

This sport was truly evil. The consequences of dogs when they are injured or lose races could lead to death or being sent away to breeding farms. The club has decided to list the greyhounds up for adoption and is taking care of all of them until they are adopted.

Since there won’t be dog races at the Kennel Club anymore, they decided to abbreviate their name to “PBKC”, because it will still be open for their poker.