Palm Beach Middle Schools Should Have Tennis Teams


Olivia Winton, Writer

Palm Beach County middle schools have basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams. Why not tennis? 


Palm Beach County middle schools should have tennis teams. Playing tennis is a great way to stay healthy and an easy way to have fun. 


Tennis should also be considered a preferable school sport to play during these COVID-19 ruled times. 


Currently, PBC middle schools have some sports teams, such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball. However, most of these sports are played inside or do not allow for social distancing, so their season has been canceled. 


Tennis, on the other hand, is easily played outside with nearly no physical contact. 


The Texas Medical Association ranked tennis as one of the least riskiest activities in regards to contracting COVID-19. 


The United States Tennis Association CEO and executive director, Michael Dowse, states, “It’s the perfect sport. It’s socially rewarding, it’s intellectually rewarding and it’s physically rewarding. That’s everything people want after being locked down in their homes for months.”