Should Public Transportation Be Free?


Giovanna Pontes, Writer

In Brazil, the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, created a decree preventing people from ages 60 and above from obtaining free public transport. 

The whole situation brought attention to the public about the importance of public transportation and the fact that it should be free for civilians. 

In a country like Brazil, where over 25 percent of the population depends on buses, subways, trains, etc., public transport does not only benefit citizens but also the neighborhood.

CNBC explains that “Public transportation has the potential to be a way to solve all of our deepest challenges: climate change, closing income inequality gaps and addressing racial disparities, intense traffic, and congestion problems.” 

Even with the costs of providing transport to a whole city, the demand is so high that the investment would still be a good choice. 

Ultimately, public transport should be free.