New Music Upcoming Genres


Kepler Brook

In 2020 one genre dominated them all, Rap.  It is a common genre but lately more and more people have been pulled towards pop music, now pop has always been a popular genre. 

Rap did have a lot of hype behind it, with it being upbeat but many kids couldn’t listen to it because of swearing. That’s what decides if a music genre is popular or not “can children and teens listen to it?” It is no secret that music is a big hit among children. 

People are starting to get bored of the same thing in rap. They want something different and pop will always be popular because of how flexible it can be. Not all pop is upbeat some can be sad but it’s still pop, pop that can be tailored to all likes of people if you look at the leaderboard for music more and more pop songs are appearing up there so will pop outshine rap maybe not only time will tell.