A. Lee’s Top 3 Greatest Art Works

A. Lee’s Top 3 Greatest Art Works

Victoria Mickens

Amy Lee Solares is an artist born in Orange County Huntington Beach on November 6, 1981. At the young age of 7, she began to have a liking for art. “I like challenging myself and as I got older it was a way of relaxation.”

Her Jonny Cash watercolor painting is her #1 best painting. She made it in September of 2018. “I wanted to draw a known person, he’s popular, old school though”.

True Love is her #1 best drawing. She made it on the 19th of January, 2018. “It reminds me of elderly people… It represents a union.”

The Italy Tuskin is A. Lee’s #1 best mural. She made it in January of   2018. “I always wanted to go to Italy so I brought Italy to my house”.

“I started by doing murals to make a living, and it started to become a habit, then a job.” Bob Ross was a big inspiration for A. Lee “…Bob Ross, he made things come to life on paper. Like magic.”