Poem: Poetry Isn’t Lost Yet

Poem: Poetry Isn't Lost Yet

Rebeca Munoz

Poetry has been around for thousands of years and seems that no one really cares for combinations of long confusing words. Even with modern poets showing up, it bores most people out of their minds!

 It looks like poetry should have died out a while ago, so what’s keeping it standing? All poems have a rhythm, which can later lead up to music, and music is considered vital for people’s lives because it is a way to express emotions singularly. 

Most youths seem like their lives revolve around music, wearing headphones whenever they can and more than 50% of households have people that play instruments. Music can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, it can even reduce pain and help you sleep! 

The complete future is in today’s kids and youths, and the more generations that pass, the more music becomes a part of our daily lives. Music is impossible without poetry.