Why Do We Eat chocolate on Valentines Day?


Noa Criscaut, Editor

Have you ever wondered why we eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day?All over the world there are different explanations on why but the one thing it all signifies is love/romance. We have all had chocolate but where does it all originate from. 


The Aztecs were an ancient civilization who used chocolate as a gift to surrounding villages like the Mayan.  Chocolate is made out of a plant called cacao, back then chocolate had to be 100% hand made so to the ancient civilizations it was a very important gesture. 


Another reason that chocolate is viewed as an object that reflects love is that according to Eatthis.com “in the 16th century chocolate was very expensive”, so only the wealthiest people could afford chocolate and when they did get their hand on chocolate they would give it to their significant other and a gesture of love and compassions. 


Even though we all have eaten chocolate, from the beginning of february until february 14 over 36 million dollars worth of chocolate is sold, and to this day chocolate on valentine’s day is a gesture of love, appreciation or compassion